Autumn Leaves EP

by Stripes & Arrows

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released October 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Stripes & Arrows Victoriaville, Québec

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Track Name: Daylight (Roam)
[Verse 1]
I know you haven't felt good for days.
I've been wondering a way to make you stay.
Been thinkin about you all night and now me eyes are sore.

Even at daylight I'm affraid of the dark.
Where do I belong? I don't know, I'll never know.
Everything I love is si wrong to me.
Burned my heart to ashes so I won't feel the pain anymore.
So I won't feel a thing

[Verse 2]
Drugs and alcohol never filled the whole you left in me.
Now I roam the room with my head full of pictures of you and me.


I could leave you here and watch you cry all night.
But anyways you'll leave me here and I will cry.

Track Name: Your Beauty As A Blindfold
I've been up and down but I just followed you.
You said you'd lead my way, so I wore your beauty as a blind-fold.
I just felt so alive wakin up next to you.
And Johnny you were right. Love it burns, burns, burns, so bad.

And I've been wonderin a way to tell you all I feel.
But you've got enough to deal with at the time.
Just know that I'm lost in the desert of love trying to quench my thirst of you.
Track Name: Consumed
Consumed by the will to please you.
You want me to change, to fit your mold.
But I won't mind if you sucked me dry.
I just want to see you smile it's all that I'm about.

Consummed by fear, I had to live into lies.
That's why my life means nothing.
Fed with illusions, created a new me.
Now all you see is what you want me to be.

Consumed by the will to please you.
I have changed. I fit your mold.
And I don't mind if you sucked me dry.
Now that you smile I can die and be free.
Track Name: Drunk/Drown
Since the moment you walked in, I felt that something special.
At least you were for me.
I thought I wanted someone to hold me tight and love me.
I guess it's fine that way.

I started searching love down that bottle again.
But you were not there.
Maybe it's in the next?
I drank all the other ones. Now i feel light.

On and on again, so the feeling don't wear off, so I forget you.
Sometimes I hope you think of me at least as much as I think of you.

My hands are cold.
You hope my heart is not the same.
I'm so sorry about that.